Travel and Belonging

The internet is full of travel bloggers. It seems like you can’t scroll through your feed without seeing yet another stunning holiday destination. And indeed, many dream of making a living by blogging/vlogging their way around the world and it sure does look like a fun way to live, right? But no one ever speaks about the other side of travelling. If you’re constantly moving, do you ever really belong?

A rough week for the relationship

Last week was tough. I didn’t want to talk to you. I’d had enough. I needed my own space. All relationships have their ups and downs. Some weeks are simply better than others. But I’m actually not talking about my relationship with another human today. I’m talking about a tough week with God. I think … Continue reading A rough week for the relationship


This was just going to be post on Snapchat but here I am waiting for my tram so I might as well turn it into a short post. So as I was just stood here waiting, a man who regularly asks for change at the station sees another man drop some change and quickly darts … Continue reading Human


A little something I wrote back in December 2015 but never shared anywhere. Still as true as ever. There's something intensely beautiful about surrendering everything to God. Just raising your hands in surrender and fully letting go. Photo: Hillsong Church London.  As they say let go and let God. I don't know about you but … Continue reading Surrender